Set up Screen Sharing

The screen share installs in about 60 seconds.  

Installer link:

Please note: the name on the SplashTop account is our sister organization,

By default, your computer is not configured for "always on" access. Permanently disable sharing by clicking "Exit" from the Splashtop drop-down menu. 

Enable or Disable Screen Sharing

To uninstall the program entirely, use the Uninstaller that comes with the Installer.

Step-by-step, if you prefer:

1. The installer link above will take you to a download page

2. Click the Download button, then copy the code in the purple box — you'll paste it in a moment

4. Find the installer in your downloads folder, and run it

5. Paste the code (Command-V) into the gray Splashtop window under Deployment

Just let us know if you have any difficulty.