Essential steps to avoid hacks and clean up intrusions

WordPress is the most popular website platform (Content Management System) and with such popularity comes unwanted attention from scammers and hackers looking for easy vulnerabilities to hack your site, add their spam, and worse.

Sadly, it happens a lot. In the milieu of setting up your site, insecure passwords may have been created, or critical automatic updates left disabled.

Luckily, the pertinent steps to secure a WordPress site can be accomplished in one easy session. While we talk and screen share, you can log into your site and we’ll implement harden your site from intrusions together.

Security Essentials Include

  • Notify you of every time your account is logged in
  • Strengthen your passwords
  • Implement 2-factor authentication to ensure even a stolen password will not breach your system
  • Harden basic vulnerabilities in WordPress
  • Update necessary components

Perhaps your site has been hacked and your intended visitors are still seeing the dreaded Google Blacklist warning instead. Or perhaps you’ve received notification that fraudulent credit card purchases have been made on your site using stolen numbers. Threats can linger even after you’ve shored up your defenses by strengthening your password.

With our help, you can cover the essentials, secure your site of threats, and accomplish any other pertinent goals to keeping your website — and business — safe online.