Simple steps to keep your site secure

As we firmly believe in the ounce of prevention principle, we’re pleased to offer forward-thinking clients a convenient engagement to evaluate the vulnerabilities of their website, payment gateways, online storage, and other mission-critical services. We provide an array of security and post-hacking consultation services; here, we’ll focus on inspect your registrar, web host, WordPress installation, and logins to related digital properties to help ensure you never become a victim.

Even in this day and age, where everyone’s knows someone or some organization that’s been hacked, it’s still surprising to see how often the “it won’t happen to us” rationale is alive and well.

It’s helpful to understand that by and large, today’s hackers are not targeting you specifically. Having no enemies confers little protection against tech threats of a global nature.Most hackers are just looking for locks that are easy to pick. To further this analogy, great strides have been made in lock technology, but yours hasn’t necessarily been updated.

Let’s fix that.