Would you prefer shorter, more productive work hours…

…in exchange an hour or two of lessons? Let us let technology help you.

Real gains await those who are willing to streamline and adjust the way tasks are performed, and in some ways, business overall. The devil is in the details. Shaving seconds off of routine tasks performed dozens of times a day can add up. Indeed, a study by Cisco estimated that increased productivity of 1–2 minutes per employee per day was worth $500 per employee per year.

Even multitasking is suspect. Science has shown that multitasking on a regular basis degrades into distracted, lower-quality work. In fact, you could lose up to 40% of your productivity by switching between tasks regularly throughout the day. Yet we understand that multitasking may be unavoidable — so let’s make it faster by eliminating technical hurdles big and small.

Focus is the new way forward.

NYC Mac Support is happy to help you and your employees improve productivity and focus so you can get better quality (and more!) work accomplished, truly propelling your business forward. We convey recent research findings, and

With helpful guidelines to put research into practice, we’ll help you with real-world tweaks to your routines that make time-saving behaviors habitual.

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