Organization, backup, sharing, and pro tips

Is your digital photo collection in need of some organization? It’s common to have photos spread across multiple computers, iPhones, iPads, and cameras — not synced to your satisfaction and hard to find what you're looking for.

We offer support for Apple's Photos app (and iPhoto, of course).

"Can we organize my photos so they’re all in one place?"

We also offer expert Adobe Lightroom training for professional photographers, including workflows, and advise on purchasing and using the hardware essential to your craft.

If you don’t have a backup, we will help you create one before we begin.

This service is also available as a gift.

We can help you tame the digital mess:

  • Organize your Photos (or iPhoto) Library
  • Assistance moving from iPhoto to Photos
  • Remove duplicates
  • Consolidate photos into one place
  • Preserve albums and events
  • Resolve missing photos and thumbnails
  • Use your TV as a slide show
  • Sync iPhone and iPad photos
  • Share albums with family and friends
  • Create a game plan to keep things organized
  • Organize your Lightroom® Library
  • Share only the photos you want to
  • Improving photos quickly and easily with quick edits
  • Sync photos completely and painlessly
  • Customize a plan to keep things organized easily 

TIP: If you’ve migrated to Apple’s Photos from iPhoto, check your old library's photo count to make sure the transition is complete. Always have a backup before deleting your migrated library.

Pro Photographer Support services

We also offer expert advice for professional photographers using Lightroom®, and advise on purchasing and using cameras, scanners and printers.

We can also help you with rebuilding, repairing, and backing up your Photos Library, and offer a guidance on Do’s and Dont’s of the Library, changing its location, and how to move, copy and back it up.