A comprehensive course to enhance your online privacy and security

If you're like most people, it sounds like a complex challenge. Yet the online world is rife with financial incentives to mine your browsing habits, and increasingly sophisticated ways to hack your accounts, so it pays to fix the roof before it rains.

With the right guidance, securing your sensitive personal information can be achieved painlessly. We'll cover all the basics, including time for questions you may have.

What's more, this course will pay for itself in convenience: Your session with a qualified cybersecurity professional will save you endless time and frustration by avoiding future password resets, cumbersome challenge phrases, history / cookie clearing, and other tasks.

Working Online With Sensitive Personal Info

Background CheckedCan you trust a digital security consultant working remotely? Our consultants are based in NY & MA and have an NNA-certified background screening. We'll even send over your consultant's recent background report after booking your session if requested. If you aren't totally assured you're in good hands, just ask for a refund.

We're based in Amherst, MA and have been consulting since 2001. See what our NYC clients are saying about us.

2 Hour Session includes:

  • Online Security Self-Defense Course designed to teach you the fundamentals of both security measures and current threats so that you can become self-reliant
  • Audit of your current password and security habits
  • Strengthening of your computer's defenses: antivirus, vulnerabilities, remedies
  • Development of a personalized game plan for increased password strength
  • Plus, time for your Q&A

3 Hour Session includes:

  • All of the above, plus…
  • Implementation of a password manager
  • Cloud powered for instant sync to computers, phones and tablets
  • Getting started saving, entering and strengthening passwords