The iPod started a digital music revolution but lately it seems like something’s missing. An array of features in your music arsenal has brought on a level of complexity that didn’t use to be there.

Let’s bring back the fun

Playing music on mobile devices has become harder and less enjoyable, making people yearn for simplicity in their music player. You already know how technology can potentially improve your life – you can store tens of thousands of songs, videos, movies, and more, without taking up much space.

Are you tired of trying to navigate Apple’s Music app? Better alternatives exist! Regain the joy you once had playing music on your iPod.

With technology changing so rapidly, it’s hard to figure out how to sync your collections. We’ll help you link media to your home theater system and use your iPhone and iPad as a remote control.

Schedule a 1:1 screen-share with us, and we’ll help you make your collection as useful and accessible as possible. We’ll get a sense of how you currently use your media and what your dream would be, then provide specific recommendations for upgrades on sound and image quality without costing you a fortune.

Enjoy in more places

Utilize that power to broadcast music in different rooms, or pick up a movie in the bedroom that you ordered in the living room using the newest Apple TV. Search your whole collection quickly — add that great CD workout mix back to your iPhone.

We speak audiophile

Don’t get suckered by the audio system with the biggest marketing budget (hello Bose and Beats) — or inflated ratings due to “compensated” Amazon reviews. We’ll help you choose a great sounding system without injuring your wallet in the process.