Is it time for some digital spring cleaning?

Our proprietary 7-point Speed & Stability Tune-up is a comprehensive regimen that keeps your PC or Mac in tip-top shape — affordably. Older machines that are continually slow can benefit from this multi-step regimen that covers a wide variety of common ailments.

My system is running slow – what can be done?You're more than likely running unnecessary and unused background programs that consume valuable processing power. They may be left over from a past program that you no longer use, yet they’re still active, launching every time you start your computer.

In addition to browsers, most programs on the Mac also uses a vast assortment of temporary files called caches. They are useful in the short term, making oft-used procedures faster than if they didn’t exist. However they can build up, taking up unnecessary space and causing things to slow down if not cleared from time to time.

Your computer can also suffer performance issues if free space is dwindling. We’ll take a look at your storage issues to see what can be cleaned out and what should remain. In contrast to gimmicky programs like “Clean My Mac,” this evaluation looks only at things that matter and does not depend on a continual “cleaning” which often creates more problems than it purports to solve.

The Bottom Line

There is no silver bullet or magic program to making things faster. When a tuneup is performed professionally, with the client’s needs in mind, many little things can be resolved that in tandem, that can make a tangible boost in your computer’s performance.