Make email work for you

Email – you love it and hate it. It because it’s free, easy, and lets you respond in your own time. Then again, there is little inherent organization and it can become overwhelming by a deluge in your inbox. Ever think of the time wasted trying to find a critical detail among hundreds of messages?

Still, email is one of the most important, effective communication tools when used correctly. We’ll help you employ a strategy to make email work for you instead of against you.

Let us help you tame your inbox to automate organization, with topics like:

  • Filtering emails so they end up in the correct project / category folders you choose
  • Automating your replies using boilerplate specific to certain routine inquiries
  • Archiving items you want to keep
  • Advanced search tools to find desired emails quickly
  • POP to IMAP conversion
  • Consolidating email addresses so you can access from any device (also a great guarantee against losing emails if something happens to one of your devices)
  • Using the cloud so you can access your email from computer, phone, or tablet
  • Setting goals, like inbox zero or making an action around an email right away
  • Installing an easy marketing email consolidation tool, like, so you can combine any marketing emails into a single daily view

Schedule a session with us so we can begin improving your email efficiency — and get you back to focusing on more important things to your business!