Safety standards for accepting credit cards

As a small business owner, you may have received stern warnings about the importance of PCI-compliance. For your credit card payment processors, it boils down to risk in order to insure against fraudulent charges.

We’ve all heard the stories of prominent businesses like Target and Wendy’s being hacked, to name a few, but the reality is that millions of small businesses who can’t afford high-priced web development firms opt to go it alone. Because of the presumed time and cost, we can’t really blame them. But the reality is that robust, common-sense security for businesses needn't be a pricy or onerous endeavor. We offer clear-cut guidance and the technical verbiage so you can understand what to focus — to make your business and your electronic payments secure.

We can help guide you toward making smart decisions about fees and payment processors so you stay ahead of the curve and aren’t suckered into outdated systems that charge too much for the service they provide.

Countless studies correlate the ease of making electronic payments with increased sales, and your business should be no exception. Let’s work together to ensure your electronic and online sales are convenient and cost-effective.