Security Goals for our Clients

Forget a pound of cure — when it comes to today’s ransomware, an ounce of prevention could mean dodging an expensive bullet.

Our Security Audit and Overhaul covers the following:

  • Workstations: Verify current and effective antivirus solutions, virus definitions, existing infestations, relevant software updates and security patches on all company computers, as well as any personal computers brought to work.
  • Security Policy: Create a sensible, realistic plan bringing all employees on board with collective effort to keep the workplace safe from digital damage.
  • Servers: Scan your company’s central storage to ensure data is neither compromised or vulnerable.
  • Employee Awareness: Conduct short workshops to help staff recognize, avoid, and deal with threats before they become nightmares.

We strive to help small businesses get serious with online security, empowering them with the tools and information to become self-sufficient and well-defended to protect against today’s growing, widespread cyber threats.

Fix the roof before it rains

Don’t let you or your organization become a victim of cybercrime. The vast majority of data breaches are not because someone chose to target an individual or a company — they occur because of widespread and well known vulnerabilities.

In other words, because the door was left unlocked.

Threats include: hacked accounts, viruses, trojan horses, ransomware, phishing attempts, drive-by downloads, identity theft, software exploits, compromised websites, zombie PCs (botnets), and key loggers.An ounce of prevention can boost your online security. Hackers and their tools are more powerful and simpler to use. Online security is a moving target — what was common sense five to ten years ago can leave people vulnerable today.

Our seasoned IT consultants can shore up company and personal vulnerabilities, install appropriately configured antivirus systems, and establish common sense, easily followed security protocols for your staff and tech infrastructure.

Contact us to make protection comprehensive and trouble-free.