Post-Hacking Support

So it's happened to you. What to do, and what are the priorities?

You probably have a number of remedies buzzing around in your head, and many of them are wise. But when the crisis hits, outside guidance can be useful because time is often the essence.

One easily overlooked vulnerability is that if the hack concerns email accounts, cutting off access is only a first step.

In short order, hackers can harvest an entire email account to comb through on their own time, with potential for further trouble after you've let your guard back down.Let us help. We’ve dealt with clients large and small dealing with the fallout of everything from a hacked email account to a financial breach where money has disappeared. We’ll address vulnerabilities, work with third party services such as your web host and email provider, help you file an alert with credit reporting agencies and develop a game plan with you to address the situation systematically and comprehensively.

We firmly believe in the ounce of prevention principle, so if this situation hasn’t happened to you yet, you and your organization can take a few painless steps to help ensure it never happens. Learn more about a Business Security Consultation to evaluate and fix vulnerabilities.