Backups: It’s not a matter of if, but when. Disasters like the loss of family photos happen more often than you think. What would it cost you — tangibly and psychologically — to lose family photos, videos of your kids, writings and other personal data, your music collection, work files, and everything else that makes up your digital life? All hard drives fail eventually, with an average life of 2-5 years.

Personal and professional experience tells us about a backup system: if it’s not automatic, it’s not going to stay current.

What’s the best backup solution for your needs?

  • Basics — is it working? We’ll check your computer’s backup system
  • Avoid unnecessary slowness due to Time Machine’s default “every hour” setting
  • Evaluate the cost/benefit ratio of cloud backups
  • Comprehensively evaluate and implement backups that include mobile devices and external storage

We can help you determine the best backup strategy and discuss the pros and cons of each – whether it’s cloud, primary, or supplemental safe keeping for your important documents, photos and memories.