Data Recovery

Some, but not all, failing hard drives are candidates for a Software Recovery. Others, especially in the case of established physical damage, are best served by special labs. Either way, you can book a consultation to discuss your situation with an expert.

TIP: If you notice things acting up, getting it addressed QUICKLY allows the best chance of a low-cost recovery.

When To See A Specialist

Of the few nationwide specialists, none come close to DriveSavers in terms of success rate and overall customer satisfaction. We've been an affiliate of DriveSavers for years and have sent them many clients with happy results. Our professional recommendation: Avoid “local” data recovery attempts if things look bad. Because of the immense technical aspects in electronic storage damage, it’s best handled by the experts.

Book a consultation today to discuss your situation.


Is Your Backup Working?

It’s not a matter of if, but when. All hard drives fail eventually, with an average life of 2-5 years. Book a time with us to ensure you’re covered in the event of data loss. Disasters like the loss of family photos happen more often than you think. What would it cost you — tangibly and psychologically — to lose family photos, videos of your kids, writings and other personal data, your music collection, work files, and everything else that makes up your digital life?

Is your iPhone / iPad backed up?

iCloud backups (paid subscription) back up only “the most important data” from your mobile device. If having a FULL backup is important to you — in the event you lose it, it breaks, or if you want the most painless transition to a new device — schedule a backup fix with us. We’ll both evaluate and implement a comprehensive backup strategy that’s tailored to your needs. It’s like having an insurance policy for you data for only a tiny premium.

Cover Your Legal Bases & Stay Protected

If you’re faced with or considering a lawsuit, divorce, or legal dispute of any kind, there are certain prudent steps you can take to save future time and aggravation.