Set up Screen Sharing

You can set up screen sharing ahead of your session, or we are happy to walk you through it…


1. Screen share installer link opens in a new tab/window so you can refer back to this page:


2. The link will take you to a page:

Welcome to Splashtop Business

Install Splashtop Streamer on your computer to allow the organization below to remotely access your computer at anytime (unless otherwise configured). (owner:

◽️ I am sure I want to allow remote access to my computer (checking the box will let you proceed)

By default, your computer is not configured for "always on" access. It is simple to disable sharing by clicking "Exit" from the Splashtop drop-down menu.

Enable or Disable Screen Sharing


3. Click the Download button, then copy the code in the purple box — you'll paste it in a moment

4. Find the installer wherever your downloads typically go (often easily accessible from your web browser)


5. Open and run the installer, then paste the code (control-click) into the gray Splashtop window under Deployment

That's it! Just let us know if you have any difficulty.