HackerScreen sharing can be a powerful, cost-efficient tool to resolve tech problems. But current hacking / identity theft and scamming / scareware techniques mean vetting is prudent. You should feel comfortable asking important questions like these, and any reputable IT consultant should be able to explain these essentials in plain English. Remember, thieves don't need physical access to your computer!

Did they contact me first? A recent trend is a scam that begins with a (fake) pop-up alert saying your computer has problems, and to call a support line or click a link. A psychological trick: they contact you first, even though you make the call. Make sure you initiated the support request from the very start. If a suspicious message concerns you, have a reputable 3rd party weigh in.

Background CheckedCan you verify the identity of the company and person you'll be working for? 100% of our operations are US-based and our address is below. Our consultants have all passed NNA-certified background checks, an industry standard for screening. Your consultant's screening can be provided upon prior to your appointment.

What is the software being used, and how to tell if it's in use. At Local Prosperity, we use SplashTop, a mainstream service which exceeds HIPAA requirements for privacy and security using AES-256 bit encryption. You will have a clear indication of when screen sharing is enabled (black), active (green), or disabled (not there), via a menu bar icon:

Enable or Disable Screen Sharing

Do you know how to end your session / disable screen sharing? Ending / deactivating our screen sharing is as easy as clicking "Exit" in the menu bar. It isn't re-enabled automatically. SplashTop's Uninstaller is also bundled with the Installer.

Does my consultant need to know my password(s)? You don't have to reveal your passwords. With the software we use, your consultant can see only what you see, i.e., passwords are concealed "••••••••"  just as a bystander would see. In certain situations with a vendor you trust, it may save time to provide your admin password, but it's not something you should do automatically.

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